HttpCanary is a powerful network analysis tool on the Android platform. It supports TCP/UDP/HTTP/HTTPS/WebSocket and other protocols. It can be regarded as Fiddler or Charles on the Android platform.

Users of HttpCanary need to have some basic knowledge of TCP/IP, and it is only suitable for the following usage scenarios:

  • Android/front-end/back-end software engineers debug the Rest API or locate bugs in network programming.
  • Software test engineers edit network data to simulate different business scenarios and perform white-box or black-box tests.
  • Network security engineers test and verify the risks of network communication between app and server.

If you are not a professional in the above fields or lack the corresponding knowledge and risk awareness, we recommend that you should uninstall this application immediately!

1. Limit & Support

  • Android 5.0+ / real machine + emulator / Wifi + cellular network / no requirement of root.
  • Please refrain from using Parallel Space on Android 10+ (Check Installation page for other ways).

2. Features

2.1 Multi-protocol Support

  • Support HTTP1.0/HTTP1.1/HTTP2/HTTPS protocols.
  • Support WebSocket protocol.
  • Support Basic TCP/UDP protocol.

2.2 Data analysis Support

  • Support the common encoding formats, such as gzip, brotli, chunked, etc.
  • Support searching and filtering packet content, support customized filter rules.
  • Support previewing data content, such as JSON, pictures, audio, video, text, cookies, etc.
  • Support many kinds viewers of data analysis, such as Raw Viewer, HEX Viewer, Text Viewer, etc.
  • Support network analysis, such as previewing the detail of HTTP packets, counting the size of request / response data, aggregating the statistics of time, etc.
  • Support adding to favorites, adding comment, saving, sharing and copying data packet.

2.3 Debug Support

  • Support adding breakpoint on specified request, modifying the data and submitting.
  • Support injector function, creating custom rules to modify packets.
  • Support operating on network requests, such as resending / modifying and resending / batch resending .
  • Support blacklist or whitelist function, freely specifying the target to capture packets.
  • Support packet shielding, such as blocking specified packets sent from the client to the server.

2.4 Plugin Support

  • Rich built-in common plugins, such as Video Downloader, WeChat Location Modifier, etc.
  • Support creating, importing and exporting injector plugins(partially implemented).

3. Premium Version

HttpCanary has two different versions: free version and premium version. The free version is limited as follows:

  • 14-day premium version full-featured experience period (except for a few features).
  • Will have advertisements in some pages, such as the homepage and content pages.
  • Unable to use high-speed mode.
  • The breakpoint and injector functions are not available.
  • The resending, advanced resending, modifying and resending functions are not available.
  • The copy cURL function are not available.
  • Unable to use the function of quickly shielding the specified packet.
  • Some built-in plugins are not available.
  • Unable to participate in the first-hand internal testing experience event of the new version.
  • Unable to communicate with developers in a one to one way.

⚠️ The breakpoint and injection of the premium version are not available in China Mainland.
⚠️ The breakpoint and injection of the premium version are not available in China Mainland.
⚠️ The breakpoint and injection of the premium version are not available in China Mainland.

How to get the premium version?

In order to prevent the abuse of some features, the purchase channel of the premium version has been closed in China Mainland. For getting the premium version, please go to Google Play and purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Plan of free

If you are a loyal fan of HttpCanary and cannot use Google Play to purchase the premium version, you can participate in the plan of free. You can get the activation code of the premium version or the redeem code for the premium version of Google Play from the developer upon reaching the standards.

Standards of Award:

  • Take part in writing, translating or error correcting of HttpCanary's tutorial. The submitted tutorial content must be professional and positive. Participation method: submitting pull request on Github. If the pull request passes the review, the developer will give you the gift of the plan of free.

4. Notice

HttpCanary is a developer tool. It can only be used only with highly ethical intention such as network security analysis, API interface debugging, and network communication principle learning. It is strictly forbidden to use in illegal activity or black/gray industry chains, such as network attacks, data theft, application cracking, and making cheating plugins. The legal risks caused by improper use of HttpCanary are borne by the user, HttpCanary and the developer will not bear any responsibility.

Please read the "User License Agreement" carefully before using HttpCanary and strictly abide by the "User License Agreement" in accordance with laws and regulations of your country during the use.

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